潘念宗醫師,享譽國際的免疫療法仁醫,40年鍥而不捨的研究成果,由西醫共振檢測,篩檢早期腫瘤病變;結合音樂、運動、針灸、精油等免疫療法,去邪扶正,提高腫瘤存活率及生命品質。Dr. Pan is a well known International immunotherapy Doctor with 40 years of continual research. With the Western O-Ring Test and the principle of resonant frequencies, Dr. Pan can diagnose a cancer lesion in its early stage. Combing with musical, exercise, acupuncture, and essential oil, Dr. Pan's immunotherapy increases the cancer patient survivor rate and quality of life for the cancer patients.

*2019年3月,潘醫師在故鄉皇都龍坡邦大瀑布正式成立93區救援團隊,致力於個人化的診療,針對每一個病患給予個人診斷,提供客製化的醫療計劃,訓練病患在家自救。In March 2019, Dr. Pan established "93 Rescue team" in his home town, Luang Prabang, Laos, for personal care according to every patient's personal diagnosis. Treatment plans are customized for each patient and each patient is trained to self apply treatment at home